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Introducing the Anodizing Process

Introducing the Anodizing Process

The output of the anodizing process is inherently very sensitive to defects that may occur on the profiles during production; So, the whole process starts with 100% control of the raw aluminum profiles (Primary Full Check). In this process, every single raw profile is inspected with naked eyes and visible defects are reported. Then, based on the quality expectations of the customer and the extent of the defects fixability during the next procedures, it is decided how to cope with the defected profiles.

In the next stage, by tailormade surface mechanical treatment (Polishing and Brushing), the surface of the profiles becomes matte, glossy or coarse. This stage has a significant impact on reducing or eliminating surface defects of the profiles.

The profiles are then racked and enter the anodizing line. In this line, various steps such as degreasing, etching, anodizing, electro-coloring), sealing and drying are carried out in completely precise and controlled operating conditions.

Then, it is time to 100% control of the anodized profiles (Final Full Check). At this stage again every single profile is carefully inspected and a complete quality report provided to the customer.

In the end, additional services requested by the customer, such as cutting, labeling, special packaging, etc. are carried out and loading is performed with required supervision and the product is sent to the customer.