Welcome to a Mandegar world

Quality, customer orientation, innovation

Mandegar Aluminum Industries Co., a supplier of aluminum anodizing services, started its activities in the field of manufacturing doors, windows and metal products in 1963. In 1977, it was regarded as the first supplier of anodizing services in the north of Iran and the third supplier of these services in the whole country. Mandegar succeeded in exploiting the aluminum color anodizing technology in 1992. In 2008, Mandegar performed the first fundamental overhaul, update and development in its anodizing lines.


To promote its services, The company expanded its activities in 1398 by updating and developing its anodizing lines through expanding the workshop area, modifying the workshop plan and upgrading production and support equipment on a land with an area of 10500 square meters in the city of Arak , Markazi province.Since then, the company has been providing aluminum anodizing services to customers at quality levels in accordance with international standards.


A look at the history of Mandegar Aluminum Industries Co. shows that its most serious approach has been commitment to continuous improvement. Among the most important achievements of such an approach are:

  • Enhancing the quality of anodizing services up to the European quality standard (Qualanod / CE)
  • Uptight to quality assurance principles, in accordance with the requirements of international standards (ISO9001)
  • Planning and providing special services (in addition to the usual anodizing services) to customers, including:
  • 100% quality check of profiles before anodizing processes (quality report is sent for the customer & subsequent decisions are made according to quality expectations of the customer)
  • 100% quality control of anodized profiles before packaging (quality report is sent for the customer & classification and coding services are performed according to customer priorities)
  • Cutting services and special packaging are offered according to customer needs
  • Consulting services for improving the quality of the final product, are offered according to customer needs
  • Innovation in creating new product groups including Antique Group (ASN), Elegance Group (ASP), Persia Group (NP) and Hue Group (GT)
  • Innovation in production methods
  • Organizational and managerial development, relying on capable, motivated and committed human resources

Now, relying on about 60 years of experience and achievements, we intend to take further steps towards the following goals:

  • Developing a more complete portfolio of services and products according to market needs
  • Keeping up with global technologies and developments in the field of anodizing
  • Developing strategic cooperation with customers, suppliers and other anodizing companies
  • Special attention to fulfilling social obligations in the field of sustainable employment and environmental protection

We aim to enhance the quality of life of our employees, the competitive position of our company and the technical level of anodizing throughout the country.